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Q: What will your performance add to my event?

We will always do our best to accommodate the unique needs of each client. Fire and glow stage shows are exciting centerpieces that will leave a lasting impression on all in attendance.


Roving performers provide a more ambient form of interactive entertainment, which will engage and delight your guests.

Q: How long is your act?


Our solo acts typically range anywhere from 3-10 minutes. Our groups acts can accommodate any length and scale of show you desire! Roving entertainment is offered in 50 minute increments with 10 minute breaks between consecutive sets.

Q: How much space do you need for performances?

That depends on the type of performance.


Glow Performance:

A 10x10ft space is adequate for one performer, with a minimum ceiling height of 15ft.


Fire Performance: 

15ft of separation between the performers and the audience must be maintained at all times. However every venue and show is different, so please contact me for detailed information regarding space requirements, and whether or not your venue is suitable for a fire performance.


Roving Performance:

There is no set space requirement for this type of performance, but there should be enough room for the performer to move freely around and interact with guests.

Q: Are your fire shows safe?

Absolutely! Rest assured that every possible precaution is taken by our performers and safeties to ensure the safety of your audience. We have a long standing positive relationship with the Edmonton Fire Department, and several other municipalities.


We follow the NAFAA performance safety guidelines, which include always having at least one spotter with a fire blanket and extinguisher ready to respond to any situation which may arise.

Q: Are you insured? 

Yes! We carry liability insurance,  and can always provide a certificate naming you, your company, or the venue as the additional insured.

Q: What kind of fuel do you use for fire shows?

We use white gas (aka Napthalene) exclusively as my fuel for fire performances. Compared to kerosene or lamp oil, it burns much cleaner making it a better fuel for fire performances from the perspective of audience comfort and safety.

Q: Are you available for performance outside of Edmonton?




However there are additional expenses for performances outside of the Edmonton area. 

We charge $0.56/km for travel to cover vehicle costs, and charge for food and accommodation for more distant locations.

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